The word of the artist:

" Art for me is a state of soul.

I see life and art as a unity, inseparable. Presently I make a research of the morrocan culture, the ancient symbols, the riads, the gardens and the Amazighs.
What interests me especially is to express the magic, the mystery, the fantastic light and the warm color spectra which I have found here.
I make a sacred journey with a divine guide, eyes and heart wide open."

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Susanne Strandänger

Visual Artist

Susanne Strandänger

Susanne Strandänger receives the Casanova Art Lover Award in Flagini Palace, Venice, Italy the 17th of September 2016.

Susanne Strandänger
Susanne Strandänger

Susanne Strandänger was awarded the International Award CARAVAGGIO Great Master of ART. The 7th of December 2018.

The price ceremony took place at the Palatzzo Litta, Milano, Italy. Palatzzo Litta is the oldest theatre in the city.