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Susanne Strandänger is a visual artist  from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Since 2010 she lives and works between Stockholm and Agadir, Morocco where she  has found the tranquility  and the magic light all year round , essential for the creative process. On the sixth floor, in one of the few buildings that were left after the earthquake in 1960, 7 Ètage, she has created her studio and showroom, with panoramic  wiews over the beach and the marina on one side and the old wall and the mountains on the other side. 
Susanne is a cosmopolitan with a former  career as international business lawyer, specialized  in copyright and intellectual property law.
She was also lawyer for the largest copyright association for visual artists in Sweden, Bildupphovsrätt i Sverige, BUS.
Since 2000 she has focused full time on her artistic work and she has exhibited  and participated in many art projects in Sweden , in Morocco , Europe and the United States.
As artist Susanne has collaborated a lot with  humanitarian and charity associations. Consequently she has found her balance in life.
She is also art ambassador for Sweden in Women´s Art World, WAW.

International Art Awards:

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Susanne Strandänger

Visual Artist

The CV of Susanne Strandänger

The 5th of March 2016. International Prize. Women´s Art World, WAW. Musée de Marrakech, Marrakech,

The 17th of September 2016, Le Premier Prix, International Casanova-Art Lover Award, Palazzo Flangini, Canareggio, Venice, Italy.

International publications:

The 19th of November 2016. The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists, International art book Curated by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo

Italian Culture Institute, Palais Sternberg, Vienna, Austria.

Susanne Strandänger
Susanne Strandänger
The 7th of December 2018. International Award CARAVAGGIO Great Master of ART, Palatzzo Litta, Milano, Italy.